O-Zone  Issue #0. One-Shot

Buy O-Zone Issue #0 Today!Originating from the Outerverse Zone, captured aliens have been held at a  Top Secret location within the boundaries of Area 51 since July of 1947. Genetic engineering and human integration has significantly altered the look and attitudes of these aliens. This issue follows one day in the life of the only alien family in captivity. Edgy, controversial, and comical, O-Zone is a truth that is definitely stranger than fiction. (Mature Readers)

Don’t miss this One Shot Issue #0, an awesome 22 pages of  B&W Edgy Humor!

Writer & Creator: Phillip E Hardy Jr.
Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Cover by Eduardo Garcia


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Origin: The first few O-Zone characters were originally created in 1990 by Phillip Hardy while serving in the U.S. Navy at Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Florida. In 1994 Phillip started Outerverse Productions in Hampton, Virginia to produce silk screened T-shirts bearing the O-Zone designs. In 1998, after relocating to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he produced a weekly web comic strip. Finally, in 2008, the O-Zone #0, one shot comic book was published.

Future: The long term goal for the O-Zone characters and story is to develop an animated series. Because the story is about the life of an edgy and comical alien family seeking to achieve the human condition while under constant surveillance, the potential for success in boundless. Think of O-Zone as a mixture of  Family Guy and The Simpsons, meets South Park.

Invest: We are looking for investors who are passionate about the multimedia industry and looking to develop our title for animation and product licensing. Serious inquiries only. Make Contact.

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